███████╗ ██████╗██████╗        ██████╗ ███████╗ █████╗ 
██╔════╝██╔════╝██╔══██╗      ██╔═████╗╚════██║██╔══██╗
███████╗██║     ██████╔╝█████╗██║██╔██║    ██╔╝╚██████║
╚════██║██║     ██╔═══╝ ╚════╝████╔╝██║   ██╔╝  ╚═══██║
███████║╚██████╗██║           ╚██████╔╝   ██║   █████╔╝
╚══════╝ ╚═════╝╚═╝            ╚═════╝    ╚═╝   ╚════╝ 

Object Classes

All projects and channels are assigned an Object Class. An Object Class is a part of the standard Project template and serves as a rough indicator for the extent to which these objects can be dangerous. In universe, Object Classes are for the purposes of identifying actual needs, development priority, security risks, and other considerations. A Project’s Object Class is determined by a number of factors, but the most important factors are the threats to privacy and freedom of expression.


Bot entities created using the source code of these projects are less likely to harm others due to external malicious influences, and the source code cannot be directly applied to improper use. However, the service custodian should be aware that it may still receive vandalism from the internal administrators of the service. These projects will adjust and add functions according to users’ feature requests.

Safe projects:


In the actual use of the bot entities created by the source code of these projects, any unauthorized or improper use will have a global impact on all bots, so the service custodian should strictly control the groups to which the bots are joined. Malicious groups are prohibited from gaining access. These projects may adjust and add functions as appropriate based on requests from users.

Euclid projects:


The source code may be maliciously used by others for some improper purpose. These projects are not responsible for the malicious use of the source code for other activities by any outsiders of the Project, nor does it accept functional requests from any users.

Keter projects:


These projects are closed source projects for some reason, or completely unrelated to the program. They are used to prevent malicious incidents or to be used when the project is attacked. Such projects cannot disclose more details, and their functions or details can only be known by core participants, and only relevant project names can be disclosed to the public.

Thaumiel projects: